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Quilting Books And Accessories

quilting_festive_table_toppers.jpg (27505 bytes)

Festive Table Toppers


Five toppers to stitch for your holiday table. 

Book No. Q141230

Price            $5.00


quilting_a_year_of_flower_blocks.jpg (29810 bytes)

A Year Of Flower Blocks

Twelve beautiful mini quilts to mark the months of the year. 

Book No. Q141269

Price            $9.95


quilting_fun_with_fabric_frames.jpg (37873 bytes)

Fun With Fabric Frames

Use this new technique to show off your quilt designs and create fancy borders.

Book No. Q141277

Price            $7.95


plastic_canvas_piecing_with_a_new_attitude1.jpg (23207 bytes)

Foundation Piecing With A New Attitude

Eight very nice quilts.

Book No.     Q4175

Price            $5.00


quilting_look_what_I_see_quilts.jpg (34852 bytes)

Look What I See Quilts

The "Look What I See Quilt" is the place to use your fabric stash, trade with family and friends and buy more fabric!  It's really like having a piece of chocolate - you can't just have one piece or make just one "Look What I See Quilt".

Book No.     Q4195

Price            $5.00


quilting_wacky_wedge_quilting_wizard.jpg (32131 bytes)

Wacky Wedge Quilting Wizards

You will feel like a wizard when you see the amazing array of blocks that appear after cutting and sewing simple wedges from just one single fabric.  Spinning whirly-birds and colorful kaleidoscopes will dance from your sewing machine onto the sewing table.


Book No.     Q4197

Price             $5.00


Twenty-four Village Blocks

This collection of two dozen full-size blocks includes houses and shops, as well as a wishing well, gazebo, apple tree and picket fence.  The front cover quilt depicts a small town surrounding a park setting, while the two mini quilts on the back cover have specific themes - Food Court and Christmas Time.  The blocks can be used for wall hangings, bed quilts, lap quilts, potholders, pillows or wearables.

Book No.     Q4210

Price             $5.00


A Quilters Book Of Baskets

Twelve baskets blocks to piece and appliqué. 


Book No.     Q4221

Price             $5.00



Omnigrid Mats with Grid
True size mats with cutting lines marked.  Forgiving surface.  Duel-sided usage.  Do not roll or expose to direct sunlight.  From Dritz. 
7184 12" X 18" mat with grid $19.30

Non-slip Omnigrip Ruler
  Perfect for cutting short fabric strips and shapes when using a rotary cutter or straight edge blade.  Right and left hand numbering and angle system.  From Dritz. 
7191 6" X 12" Non-slip ruler $14.70

Omnigrid Mini Foldaway
Portable cutting and pressing station handy for use beside sewing machine or  work area.  Fits easily in a travel bag, too. Has a 7" X 7" unmarked cutting mat and 7" X 7" nonstick pressing surface.  Tab closure.  From Dritz.
8719 Mini Foldaway $19.30

Mini Iron
This compact mini iron is perfect for getting into tight spaces.  Use for needle work, sewing, quilting, crafts, etc.  Twenty watt, adjustable temperature control.  Comes with safety iron rest.  UL approved.  Approximately 9 1/2" in length.  From Clover Needle Craft.
5469 Mini Iron $29.96
5476 Mini Iron Cooling Tote Bag $ 5.96


Rotary Cutters
Cut fabric, paper, leather, vinyl, mat board, even foam- core easily in any direction. Extremely sharp blade is protected by a safety guard which slides back when pressure is applied.  Safety lock when cutter is not in use.  Suitable for right or left hand use.  45 mm cutter has soft cushion handle. Be sure to use a cutting mat to protect your blade and surface.  From Dritz.
7183 28 mm rotary cutter $15.00
7804 45 mm rotary cutter $18.00
7202 28 mm replacement blade, 2/pack $  6.40
7190 45 mm replacement blade, 1/pack $ 5.90

Quilting Books


Teach_yourself_to_quilt.jpg (19861 bytes)

learning_to_quilt.jpg (14414 bytes)

weekend_quilts.jpg (12354 bytes)

1179 1297 1943
Teach Yourself To Quilt Learning To Quilt Weekend Quilts
15 lessons 25 lessons several designs
$5.00 $10.95 $9.95